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Pérez, N., Segovia, F., Salinas, C., and Ananías, R. (2016). "Perpendicular mechano-sorptive strains during moisture desorption from Eucalyptus nitens specimens," BioRes. 11(4), 8277-8284.


The purpose of this paper was to determine the mechano-sorptive strains produced during desorption of moisture from Eucalyptus nitens specimens, from a perspective of modeling wood drying stresses. Eucalyptus nitens samples were tested in the radial and tangential directions. The mechano-sorptive strain was measured by cantilever bending during desorption. The runs were performed in a conditioning chamber at constant low temperature and variable equilibrium moisture content. Four load levels were considered for testing. The results showed that the mechano-sorptive strain during desorption of moisture was proportional to applied stress and reached the maximum value in the tangential direction. Also, the mechano-sorption coefficient depended on wood orientation and reached the maximum value of 5.46 × 10-2 in the tangential direction.

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