NC State
Wang, Z.-W., Li, B., Wu, S.-B., and Lu, P. (2012). "Physicochemical properties analysis and size distribution research of microstickies in whitewater," BioRes. 7(4), 5794-5808.


Microstickies in whitewater have caused serious deterioration of paper quality and low efficiency of paper machine runnability. To solve this problem it is necessary to master the characteristics of various aspects of microstickies. In this study, the physicochemical properties and size distribution of microstickies in whitewater of three typical kinds of waste papers, old newspaper (ONP), old book paper (OBP), and mixed office wastepaper (MOW), were investigated by conventional methods and a modified Flow Cytometry Method (FCM). The results showed that white water microstickies in different kinds of waste paper have different characteristics. This is a premise for analyzing stickies problems. Furthermore, in a certain kind of waste paper, the physicochemical properties and the direct determination of size and number of microstickies particle in whitewater can be combined together and taken as a whole to account for more phenomena or deduce more mechanisms, such as agglomeration and deposition, etc.
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