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Kang, H. Y., Lee, W. H., Jang, S. S., and Kang, C. W. (2017). "Polyethylene glycol treatment of Han-ok round wood components to prevent surface checking," BioRes. 12(2), 4229-4238.


The effect of polyethylene glycol (PEG) treatment was investigated relative to surface checks of red and Korean pine round wood for building Korean-style homes. The logs used for this study were impregnated with a solution of PEG-1000 for three weeks, and then they were dried to a moisture content of about 15% at the temperature of 120 °C within the drying time of 49 h. During the middle stage of drying, slight surface checks were found on red pine PEG-treated logs compared with severe surface checks on red pine control logs. Due to PEG treatment and high drying temperature, at the end of drying, apparent surface check was not found on red pine PEG-treated logs compared with serious surface checks on the corresponding control log. No surface checks were discovered on Korean pine logs during and after drying due to the PEG effect. Thus, PEG treatment was effective in preventing surface checks on red and Korean pine logs during drying at high temperature.

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