NC State
Bomba, J., Ježek, J., Hýsek, Š., Sikora, A., Stolariková, R., Palacká, A., Berková, M., and Kolbabová, T. (2017). "Polyurethane coatings on hardwood and softwood surfaces: Their resistance to household liquids as an educational case study," BioRes. 12(3), 5867-5877.


Effects of cold liquids on the cured film of selected coatings, the thickness of the final film coating on the resulting surface resistance, and different wood species on the resistance of the coating were investigated. It was demonstrated that different liquids affected the degradation of the cured film coating. The most aggressive liquid used was nail polish remover, followed by ethanol 40%, bleach, vinegar, and mouthwash. The least aggressive was dishwashing liquid. There was no evidence of a difference in the quality of the cured film coating applied on softwood and hardwood. The thickness of the coating had no statistically significant effect on the quality of the film. The liquids used for the tests are commonly used in households.

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