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Chen, N., Rao, J., He, M., Mei, G., Huang, Q., Lin, Q., and Zeng, Q. (2015). "Preparation and properties of heat-treated Masson pine (Pinus massoniana) veneer," BioRes. 10(2), 3451-3461.


The feasibility of heat treatment of Masson pine veneers (MPVs) was evaluated based on mass loss, tensile strength, bending strength, and water absorption of the heat-treated MPVs, and its application in plywood was explored. Fourier-transform infrared and X-ray diffraction results showed that heat-treated MPVs contained a lower amount of hydrophilic groups and had an increased crystallinity. The maximum tensile strength was 59.2 MPa when MPVs were heat-treated at 210 °C for 5.0 min. The corresponding mass loss, water absorption (384 h), and bending strength values were 1.72%, 105.44%, and 83.1 MPa, respectively. Plywood produced from heat-treated MPV (210 °C, 30 min) with the best fungal durability and the lowest shear strength (1.07 MPa) still met the requirements of the Chinese National Standard (GB/T 9846.3-2004, ≥0.80 MPa) for exterior plywood. These results indicate that products based on heat-treated MPV will have increased fungal durability.
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