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Yang, W., Yang, F., Zhang, X., Zhu, P., Peng, H., Chen, Z., Che, L., Zhu, S., and Wu, S. (2021). "Preparation of biochar via dry torrefaction of wood meal in a batch reactor under pressure and its co-combustion behavior with anthracite coal," BioResources 16(1), 997-1008.


Biochar was prepared by dry torrefaction of wood meal in a batch reactor under pressurized conditions. The biochar prepared at 340 °C (WMB-340) showed a higher heating value (HHV) of 30.5 MJ/kg, and it was employed to co-combust with anthracite coal (AC) with the HHV of 28 MJ/kg. The WMB-340 underwent two combustion stages, while the AC only showed one combustion stage. The combustion of AC was promoted by WMB-340 at temperatures higher than 490 °C, indicating the existence of a synergetic effect during co-combustion. Blending AC with 10% WMB-340 had no obvious effect on the combustion stage of AC. However, three combustion stages existed when blending more than 10% WMB-340 with AC. The activation energy of AC blended with 10% WMB-340 was 84.5 kJ mol-1, much lower than that of AC (179.3 kJ mol-1), indicating a lower energy for initialization of the blend. Therefore, AC blended with 10% WMB-340 was the optimal ratio for co-combustion in this study.

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