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Xie, J., Luo, S., Feng, L., Xu, N., Wang, Y., Xu, W., and Fu, S. (2010). "Production of Trametes gallica lignocellulases for wheat straw degradation," BioRes. 5(1), 99-107.


Trametes gallica (T. gallica) is a high producer of lignin-degrading enzymes including laccases, lignin peroxidases (LiPs), manganese-dependent peroxidases (MnPs), and hemicellulases (Hcels). The enzyme activities could peak at an early stage of fermentation. The activities of laccases and LiPs were high in high-nitrogen, low–carbon, and high inorganic salt media, while the activities of MnPs, and Hcels were the high in low-nitrogen, high–carbon, and high inorganic salt medium. It was found that T. gallica caused 34.4% mass losses after 20 days, 46.7% after 30 days, and 70.1% after 60 days, and at the same time T. gallica was able to degrade lignin at an early stage of solid fermentation. Based on these results, T. gallica may be a strain candidate for biopulping in the paper industry.

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