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Liao, W., Huang, Y., Chen, W., Chen, C., and Yang, C. (2021). "Properties of Thermobifida fusca peroxidase Tfu-1649 and its combined synergistic effects with xylanase on lignocellulose degradation," BioResources 16(1), 942-953.


Lignocelluloses are comprised of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignins, which constitute plant biomass. Since peroxidases can degrade lignins, the authors examined peroxidase Tfu-1649, which is secreted from the thermophilic actinomycetes, Thermobifida fusca BCRC 19214. After cultivating for 48 h, the culture broth accumulated 43.66 U/mL of peroxidase activity. The treatment of four types of lignocellulolytic byproducts, i.e., bagasse, corncob, pin sawdust, and Zizania latifolia Turcz husk, with Tfu-1649 alone increased the total phenolic compounds, with limited reducing sugars, but treatment with xylanase, Tfu-11, and peroxidase Tfu-1649 showed synergistic effects. Hence, the co-operative degradation of lignocelluloses by both peroxidase and xylanase could contribute to biomass decomposition and further applications in the agricultural and environmental industries.

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