NC State
Papadopoulos, A. N. (2006). "Property comparisons and bonding efficiency of UF and PMDI bonded particleboards as affected by key process variables," BioRes. 1(2), 201-208.


The purpose of this paper was to compare physical properties of conventional particleboard bonded with amounts of UF and PMDI resin and to examine the effect of mat moisture content (MC), wax content and platen temperature on their bonding efficiency, as determined by internal bond strength. It was found that PMDI not only gave superior board properties compared with the UF, but the amount required was reduced considerably as well. The MC of the mat and the platen temperature did not significantly affect the bonding efficiency of PMDI bonded boards, but the bonding efficiency of UF bonded boards. The inclusion of 1% wax significantly affected the bonding efficiency of both resins, however the loss in strength was higher in UF than in PMDI bonded boards.

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