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Shi, S., Zhang, H., Huang, C., Lin, X., and Chen, X. (2016). "Purification of lignocellulose hydrolysate by org-attapulgite/ (divinyl benzene-styrene-methyl acrylate) composite adsorbent," BioRes. 11(4), 8664-8675.


The purification of lignocellulose hydrolysate is crucial for the efficient conversion of lignocellulose. In this study, weak polar poly(styrene-divinyl benzene-methyl acrylate) (PSDM) and composite absorbent org-attapulgite/poly(styrene-divinyl benzene-methyl acrylate) (PSDM-T) were prepared in situ by suspension polymerization for the detoxification of mixed hydrolysate. The org-attapulgite (O-A-T) used was functionalized with the silane coupling agent KH-570. The effect of O-A-T mass on PSDM-T was investigated. The results showed that the addition of a moderate mass of O-A-T improved the pores of PSDM-T and adsorption abilities. Furfural and 5-HMF (FS), total weak acids (WA), and soluble lignin (SL) were removed simultaneously. The adsorption capacities of PSDM-T for FS, WA and SL were 37.5 mg/g, 34.3 mg/g, and 87.7 mg/g, respectively. Correspondingly, their removal extents (R) were 72.6%, 18.1%, and 52.3%. The adsorption abilities of the PSDM-T for mixed hydrolysate was better than AB-8 (a commonly-used adsorption resin). The total decolorization rates (D) greater than 63%. The absorption property retains high adsorption activity after two cycles.

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