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Zhang, J., Yang, J., Zhang, H., Zhang, Z., and Zhang, Y. (2021). "Research status and future development of biomass liquid fuels," BioResources 16(2), Page numbers to added.


Due to the combined pressures of energy shortage and environmental degradation, bio-liquid fuels have been widely studied as a green, environmentally friendly, renewable petroleum alternative. This article summarizes the various technologies of three generations of biomass feedstocks (especially the second-generation, biomass lignin, and the third-generation, algae raw materials) used to convert liquid fuels (bioethanol, biodiesel, and bio-jet fuel) and analyzes their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, this article details the latest research progress in biomass liquid fuel production, summarizes the list of raw materials, products and conversion processes, and provides personal opinions on its future development. The aim is to provide a theoretical basis and reference for the optimization of existing technology and future research and development of biomass liquid fuels.

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