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El Ghali, A., Ben Marzoug, I., Baouab, M. H. V., and Roudesli, M. S. (2012). "Separation and characterization of new cellulosic fibres from the Juncus acutus L plant," BioRes. 7(2), 2002-2018.


Cellulose fibres from the Juncus acutus L plant were isolated and characterized. The isolation of the fibres was performed by sequential NaOH treatment and H2O2 bleaching under different extraction conditions. The chemical and surface morphological structures of the Juncus acutus L fibres were characterized with FTIR, SEM, AFM, DSC, surface energy, diameter, density, and lignin content determination. Changes in structure and properties of the obtained fibres were observed by varying the concentration and the treatment time of the applied process. Results revealed that the optimum conditions to remove most of non-cellulosic materials from the Juncus acutus L plant were 7M NaOH, 3h and 100°C for alkaline procedure, and 10 mL.L-1 H2O2, 45 minutes and 95°C for bleaching treatment.
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