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Sbiai, A., Maazouz, A., Fleury, E., Sautereau, H., and Kaddami, H. (2010). "Short date palm tree fibers / polyepoxy composites prepared using RTM process: Effect of TEMPO mediated oxidation of the fibers," BioRes. 5(2), 672-689.


Short date palm tree lignocellulosic fibers were used as a reinforcing phase in a polyepoxy thermoset commodity resin. Unmodified fibers as well as counterparts chemically oxidized using TEMPO catalyst mediation were used as fillers for composite materials prepared in a Resin Transfer Molding process. The preparation was facilitated in the case of the composites based on oxidized fibers. During the process, the front displacement of injected resin was more regular, more homogeneous, and faster in the case of oxidized fibers. The morphology, thermal and mechanical properties of the resultant composites were characterized by SEM, DSC, DMA, as well as three-point bending and Charpy impact tests. An elevated reinforcing capability of the oxidized fibers as compared to their unmodified counterparts was demonstrated, particularly by a high strain test in the glassy state. This confirmed the enhanced filler/matrix interface observed in such materials during the process and in the final composite as analyzed by SEM. No significant difference in reinforcing capability of the two kinds of filler was observed in the DMA analysis.
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