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Banerjee, S., Le, T., Haynes, R. D., and Bradbury, J. E. (2012). "Solubilizing and detackifying stickies with beta-cyclodextrin," BioRes. 7(2), 1533-1539.


ß-Cyclodextrin (ß-CD) solubilizes stickies from deinked pulp, commercial adhesive formulations, or magazine inserts, which demonstrates its potential as a washing aid. A new test to simulate coater scratches is described; it involves scraping the test paper sample across the surface of a thin layer chromatography plate and measuring the degree of scratching on the plate. Scratching was significantly reduced when the paper was pre-treated with ß-CD. A trial at a recycle paper mill confirmed that ß-CD reduces the tack of filtrate components.
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