NC State
Arenas, J. P., Rebolledo, J., del Rey, R., and Alba, J. (2014). "Sound absorption properties of unbleached cellulose loose-fill insulation material," BioRes. 9(4), 6227-6240.


Recyclable cellulose loose-fill insulation has been commonly used in heavy timber construction for treating attic areas, under floors, and wall cavities. Through the kraft process, the unbleached cellulose adopts a texture characterized by small crumbs, forming a porous medium. In this work, different samples of a single layer of loose-fill cellulose insulation with different thicknesses were tested to measure their sound absorption properties, the airflow resistivity, and porosity for both dry and moist samples. The regression coefficients for an empirical model were calculated using a numerical optimization method. It is concluded that the model predicts the acoustical performance of this material well and that the sound absorption properties of the material are similar to those of mineral fiber-based materials.
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