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Nada, A. M. A., Mahdy, A. A., and El-Gendy, A. A. (2009). "Spectroscopy and chemical studies of cation exchangers prepared from corn cobs,"BioRes. 4(3), 1017-1031.


A series of ion exchangers was prepared from corn cobs. Phos-phate, sulfate, phosphosulfonate, and carboxylic groups were incorporated onto the corn cobs. The magnitude of functional groups incorporated onto corn cobs, as well as of the cross-linking, was taken as a measure of reactivity of the produced ion exchanger. The effect of treatment of corn cobs with different concentrations of sodium hydroxide, volume of used pyridine, and efficiency of the produced resin toward metal ions adsorption was investigated. The effect of cross-linking of corn cobs on the incorporation of phosphate group was studied. Sodium binding capacity as well as the adsorbed efficiency of metal ions efficiency as Zn, Pb, Ni, Fe, and Cr by produced resin from corn cobs was determined using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES). It was found that the quantity and the type of incorporated functional groups, as well as the type of metal ions, play an important role in the efficiency of resin toward adsorption of metal ions.
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