NC State
Shmulsky, R., Verly Lopes, D., Pollastrelli Rodrigues, B., and Bobadilha, G. S. (2021). "Strength and stiffness of 8-Inch and 12-Inch deep mixed oak bolt-laminated timber mats," BioResources 16(2), 3298-3303.


Ground support provided by crane mats ensures the safety of workers and integrity of heavy-duty machines. Analytical evaluation of timber mats is necessary to advance the development of engineering standards associated with wood-based as well as other types of mats. The goal of this study was to mechanically evaluate bending stiffness and strength of timber 8-inch and 12-inch deep mixed oak bolt-laminated timber mats. The 8-inch-deep specimen dimensions were 24 inches wide and 12 feet long, while 12-inch-deep specimens were 24 inches wide and 18 feet long. Twenty-eight specimens of each depth were flexurally tested over a 17:1 span to depth ratio. The modulus of elasticity along with the parametric and non-parametric design strength values are presented herein. The characterization of timber crane mats by analyzing their mechanical properties provides a starting point for producers and users to understand the performance and applications of their product. Further research will allow investigation of alternative materials, sizes, and structural designs.

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