NC State
Li, D., Sheng, J., Zhuang, B., Wu, Z., Aladejana, J. T. and Liu, J. (2019). "Study on hot–pressing technology of chitosan-modified starch adhesive film," BioRes. 14(2), 4316-4328.


In order to optimize its production technology, response surface methodology (RSM) was used to optimize the hot-pressing process during the preparation of chitosan-modified starch adhesive film. Ranges of hot-pressing temperature, hot-pressing time, and adhesive consumption were selected based on single-factor tests. A quadratic regression model of the bonding strength was obtained by fitting the response value of the bonding strength of the plywood. The results showed that the adhesive consumption and the hot-pressing temperature had a significant effect on the bonding strength of the adhesive. Also, the interaction between the temperature, time, and adhesive consumption were significant. The optimum hot-pressing process parameters for chitosan-modified starch adhesive film were a hot-pressing temperature of 145.2 °C, a hot-pressing time of 182.7 s, and an adhesive consumption of 239.3 g/m2. The predicted values of the quadratic regression model fit well with the actual values of the stability test.

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