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Wang, B., He, B., and Li, J. (2010). "Study on lignin coverage of masson pine fiber," BioRes. 5(3), 1799-1810.


In order to obtain the adhesion force of fiber in a paper sheet easily, the relationships between internal bonding strength (IBS) and surface lignin content of masson pine CTMP treated with peracetic acid (PAA) have been investigated with XPS technique, and the surface morphology of fibers was also imaged by AFM. The results showed that the extent of lignin covered on the fiber surface was two times as high as that of whole pulp lignin, and the IBS was inversely proportional to surface lignin. The relationship between IBS and lignin coverage was formulated based on the experimental data. The mutual adhesion forces, cellulose-to-cellulose and lignin-to-lignin, were calculated using these equations, and the results were 28.69 mN/m and 2.487mN/m, respectively.
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