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Yang, G., Jia, X., Zhao, Y., Huo, X., Song, C., and Zhang, Z. (2020). "Synergistic analysis of co-combustion of sunflower straw and coal gangue," BioRes. 15(4), 7770-7779.


Coal gangue and sunflower straw biomass from Xilingguole, Inner Mongolia, China and Ulanqab Tsining District, Inner Mongolia, China, respectively, were burned separately and mixed in different proportions. The synergistic effect was analyzed by comparing the actual mixed combustion curve with the theoretical mixed combustion curve. The bar chart and TR (the mean of the difference between the experimental and calculated was divided by the mean of the calculated values) value curve were used to show the synergistic effect. The results showed that the synergistic effect of coal gangue and sunflower straw was optimal when the ratio (sunflower straw:coal gangue) was 2:8.

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