NC State
Telysheva, G., Dizhbite, T., Jashina, L., Andersone, A., Volperts, A., Ponomarenko, J., and Mironova-Ulmane, N. (2009). "Synthesis of lignin-based inorganic/organic hybrid materials favorable for detoxification of ecosystem components," BioRes. 4(4), 1276-1284.


Combination of lignin matrices (including those modified with silicon oligomers or quaternary ammonium compounds) and such inorganic building blocks as copper and manganese cations (Cu2+, Mn2+) made it possible to synthesize novel hybrid organic-inorganic materials. The synthesized hybrid materials were characterized with significantly increased (2-9 times) values of specific surface area in comparison with those for non-modified and Si-modified precursor matrices. The Cu2+-containing hybrid materials differed by enhanced sorption capacity towards proteins and bacteria.
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