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Wang, X., Hu, J., Liang, Y., and Zeng, J. (2012). "TCF bleaching character of soda-anthraquinone pulp from oil palm frond," BioRes. 7(1), 275-282.


The bleaching sequences have been applied to oil palm frond soda-anthraquinone pulp. Oxygen delignification resulted in a delignification of approximately half of the kappa number. In comparison between OQP and OQPO sequences, the OQPO sequence was able to improve brightness from 75.2% ISO to 82.3% ISO. A TCF bleaching sequence involving laccase was also suitable for the frond pulp bleaching. Results indicated that laccase has a good bleaching capability. Short beating in a PFI refiner (about PFI 2000 revolutions) was sufficient to attain good pulp strength of TCF bleached pulp. There was no total organically bound chlorine in the TCF bleaching effluent. The results of this study show that soda-anthraquinone pulping and TCF bleaching is a promising alternative to produce high-quality pulp from oil palm frond for writing and printing paper.
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