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D.H. Page. The behaviour of single woodpulp fibres under tensile stress. In The Fundamental Properties of Paper Related to its Uses, Trans. of the Vth Fund. Res. Symp. Cambridge, 1973, (F. Bolam, ed.), p 407, FRC, Manchester, 2018.


Dr Page presented an interesting film with an informative commentary upon it, which without the film is not of value in itself and so cannot usefully be reproduced, but the authors have provided the following synopsis. 

A unique apparatus has been built and techniques developed that permit a fresh approach to the study of fibre properties. The apparatus is a stress/strain recorder for testing single fibres under axial tensile load. It is fitted with a high power polarising scopial image and the trace of the stress/strain curve can be recorded on cine film, in synchronism, so that the visual appearance of the fibre and its state of stress and strain at any time can be displayed. The detailed physical events that coincide with initiation of yield and failure are dramatically revealed.

The presentation consisted of a series of cine sequences that demonstrate phenomena that relate to the tensile properties of fibres, including –

  1. The effect of fibril angle on fibre strength and stretch-to-break.
  2. The initiation of rupture by defects.
  3. The tensile behaviour of microcompressed fibres.
  4. The phenomena that occur when a fibre dries under tensile stress.
  5.  The tensile behaviour of wet fibres.

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