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Barbaric-Mikocevic, Z., Plazonic, I., and Dzimbeg-Malcic, V. (2013). "The deinkability improvement of offset prints made from a two-side coated substrate," BioRes. 8(1), 557-570.


This paper describes the improved removal of impurities (coating, ink/toner) from offset prints produced by digital printing of two-side coated paper. The substrates were printed by conventional and digital offset processes. Based on image analysis results it was established that deinking flotation is an inefficient method for ink particle removal from digital offset printed paper, but it is efficient for ink removal from conventional offset printed paper. On the other hand, pre-treatment with hydrogen peroxide solution gives better results for ink particle removal from digital offset prints than from conventional offset prints. Optimal parameters for hydrogen peroxide pre-treatment for both offset prints were chosen based on unprinted substrate mass loss results in the preliminary investigation. These results showed that hydrogen peroxide pre-treatment is more successful at removal of impurities in comparison with flotation deinking without pre-treatment.
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