NC State
Eghtedarnejad, N., Kazemi-Najafi, S., and Shalbafan, A. (2021). "The effect of chipping method on the geometry of particles produced from date palm frond," BioResources 16(1), 1131-1143.


The aim of this research was to study the effect of chipping method on geometry of particles obtained from date palm frond as a lignocellulose residue. For this purpose, date palm fronds were chipped with four different equipment: chipper-flaker, chipper-hammer mill, flaker-hammer mill, and chipper-flaker-hammer mill. The geometry of the particle including particle size, particle size distribution, shape, and aspect ratio were investigated. The results showed that maximum weight percentage (more than 40%) was related to the particles sizes of +30/-40 mesh for all chipping methods and more than 50% of all generated particles had a needle shape. In the chipper-hammer mill method, both the weight percentage of useable particles in particleboard and the particle percentage of the rectangle or nearly rectangle particle were higher. Thus, the chipper-hammer mill method was judged to be the best method.

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