NC State
Istek, A., Aydemir, D., and Aksu, S. (2010). "The effect of decor paper and resin type on the physical, mechanical, and surface quality properties of particleboards coated with impregnated decor papers," BioRes. 5(2), 1074-1083.


The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of décor paper and resin type on physical properties, mechanic properties, and surface quality properties of particleboards coated with décor papers impregnated by using different resin. White oak, New wenge and common maple pattern decor papers impregnated with urea formaldehyde (UF), melamine formaldehyde (MF) and urea-melamine formaldehyde (UF+MF) were used as coating materials. Particleboard surface was laminated with these coating materials by hydraulic press. As a result, specimens coated with MF-impregnated papers showed better performance than those coated with UF and UF+MF-impregnated papers. Resin type and paper pattern affected the physical, mechanical (with exception of tension strength), and surface properties (especially cigarette burn and abrasion) of coated particleboards. Physical and mechanical properties of coated particleboard were significantly improved compared to non-laminated particleboards. It was found that paper pattern affected the surface properties, such as impact, scratch, and abrasion, resistance to staining and cigarette burn. However, it did not change the cracking and steaming properties of the coated samples. After the coating process, it was determined that cigarette burn, abrasion, impact, and scratch performances were among 1 to 3 grade, lp:10-35, Fp:210-340/100-150, and 2 to 5 grade, respectively.
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