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Sönmez, A., Budakçı, M., and Pelit, H. (2011). "The effect of the moisture content of wood on the layer performance of water-borne varnishes," BioRes. 6(3), 3166-3177.


The test panels obtained from Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Eastern beech (Fagus orientalis L.) were initially adjusted to have 8%, 10%, and 12% moisture content in this study. One-component semi-matte and two-component water borne varnishes were applied on the surfaces in order to investigate the effect of the type and the moisture content of the wood on the hardness and the gloss values as well as the adhesion strength of the varnishes. The hardness of the test samples was evaluated based on the standard ANS/ISO1522, the gloss based on TS.4318 EN ISO 2813, and the adhesive strength based on ASTM D-4541. The results indicated that variations in the moisture content of the wood material adversely affected the layer performance of water-borne varnishes and that the best performance was obtained for the wood with moisture contents of 8% and 10%.
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