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D.H. Page and J.W. Sargent. The fine structure of fibre bonding. In The Formation and Structure of Paper, Trans. of the IInd Fund. Res. Symp. Oxford, 1961, (F. Bolam, ed.), pp 195–200, FRC, Manchester, 2018.


In earlier papers,(1, 2) the possibility of the use of light microscopic methods for the observation of optical contact regions between fibres in paper sheets was described and arguments were put forward that these areas of contact define the regions within which strong adhesive forces operate. While sufficient confidence in this view was held to use the technique for studies relating to geometry of fibre-to-fibre bonding in paper, it was considered that the question of the fine structure within these contact regions was sufficiently important to warrant a separate investigation, the initial results of which are given here.

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