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Wang, B., Li, R., He, B., and Li, J. (2011). "The impacts of lignin coverage, relative bonded area, and fiber properties on sheet strength," BioRes. 6(4), 4356-4369.


In order to determine the quantitative relationship between sheet strength and lignin coverage at the fiber surface, CTMP was blended with softwood bleached kraft pulp (BKP), refined softwood BKP, and hardwood BKP. The morphology of the fibers, fibers properties, fiber surface components and relative bonded area of sheets were investigated. Multi-linear regression equations of tensile strength index and internal bond strength were established. The results indicated that unbleached aspen CTMP fiber surfaces were covered by granules of lignin, and BKP fiber surfaces were predominated covered by microfibrils. Fiber properties have a significant impact on tensile strength index. RBA had a greater impact on IBS than lignin coverage. For the pulp samples tested, a 1% increase in lignin coverage at fiber surfaces would lead to a 0.48N·m/g decrease in tensile strength index and 5.32×10-3 J/m2 decrease in internal bond strength.
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