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Sütçü, A., and Karagöz, Ü. (2013). "The influence of process parameters on the surface roughness in aesthetic machining of wooden edge-glued panels (EGPs)," BioRes. 8(4), 5435-5448.


This study explored the effect of processing parameters on surface roughness as a result of aesthetic designs processed on walnut, chestnut, and beech wood edge-glued panels (EGPs) by CNC (computer numerical control) router. To accomplish this, the average roughness value (Ra) on an engraved surface in a Ying-Yang design treated on the material was measured. Using analysis of variance (ANOVA), the feed rate, spindle speed, step-over, and axial depth of cut factors; surface roughness factors; and the interactions between these factors were found to form significant differences at the level of 95%. At the end of the study, the Ra value was lower in walnut and beech EGPs (3.423 μm and 4.316 μm, respectively) and higher in chestnut EGPs (5.005 μm).
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