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Chen, T., Li, Y., Lei, L., Hong, M., Sun, Q., and Hou, Y. (2016). "The influence of stock consistency on the pollution load in washing process," BioRes. 11(1), 2214-2223.


The influences of stock consistency on the kappa number, residual alkali of pulp, flow direction of lignin, chemical oxygen demand, oxidation with dichromate (CODCr), and five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) in effluents were investigated in a washing process. Compared with 15% stock consistency, 35% stock consistency could lead to a decrease of at least 25% in the consumption of washing water while cutting 75.27% and 46.29% of CODCr and BOD5 in washing effluents, respectively. Moreover, the residual lignin in effluents were reduced greatly from 39.35 g·t-1 to 12.76 g·t-1, which will be beneficial to treatment of washing and bleaching effluent. All the results showed that a higher stock consistency in the washing process could decrease the consumption of washing water, the generation of pollution, and the toxicity in bleaching effluent.
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