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Gáborík, J., Gaff, M., Ruman, D., Šomšák, M., Gaffová, Z., Svoboda, T., Vokaty, V., and Síkora, A. (2017). "The influence of thermomechanical smoothing on beech wood surface roughness," BioRes. 12(1), 448-456.


This paper deals with the change of roughness of compressed beech wood. Effects of temperature, pressure, and time on the results of pressing were examined. The surface roughness of beech wood in longitudinal and transversal directions was evaluated. Roughness was described by Ra. A contact method was applied. The results show that by increasing pressure, time, or temperature, the surface roughness of beech wood decreases. The highest roughness reduction occurred at the temperature of 150 °C, pressure 4 MPa, and time 20 min.

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