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Xing, M., Yao, S., Zhou, S.-K., Zhao, Q., Lin, J.-H., and Pu, J.-W. (2010). "The influence of ultrasonic treatment on the bleaching of CMP revealed by surface and chemical structural analyses," BioRes. 5(3), 1353-1365.


Effects of ultrasonic pretreatment on the bleaching of chemimechanical pulp (CMP) fiber of triploid Chinese white Poplar were investigated. Before single-stage hydrogen peroxide bleaching, CMP was sonicated at 1.5% pulp consistency and 50oC for 20min with 90% amplitude and 20s pulse; these conditions showed the most favorable effect of a 3.5% ISO increase of brightness, reaching a final value of 80.2% ISO. The benefit may be because the ultrasound can accelerate heterogeneous reactions, which arise from the impingement of microjets and shockwaves on the solid surface, which are then capable of inducing striking changes in surface morphology, composition, and reactivity. To prove the theory, the surface structure and surface morphology were investigated by SEM and AFM, and the crystalline structure and characteristics of the cellulose in terms of XRD and FT-IR were also evaluated.
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