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Duan, J., Jiang, J., Han, C., Yang, J., Liu, L., and Li, J. (2014). "The study of intermolecular inclusion in cellulose physical gels," BioRes. 9(3), 4006-4013.


In this study, cellulose possessing β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) is employed as a host molecule, and cellulose possessing ferrocene (Fc) is used as a guest polymer. The properties due to the host-guest interactions are presented. The results show that β-CD-cellulose and Fc-cellulose can form inclusion complexes wherein hydrophobic interaction caused by β-CD-cellulose and Fc-cellulose significantly affect the performance of the cellulose gel. A physical gel based on cellulose that can autonomously heal between cut surfaces after 24 h was formed under mild conditions. Moreover, ferrocene redox status affects the hydrophobic interaction, such that the hydrophobic interaction can strengthen the gel strength and affect the self-healing property.
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