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Liu, Z., Cao, Y., Wang, Z., Ren, H., Amidon, T. E., and Lai, Y. (2015). "The utilization of soybean straw. II. Dissolution & regeneration of soybean straw in LiCL/DMSO," BioRes. 10(2), 2305-2317.


Various soybean straw (stem and pod) samples were dissolved in 8% lithium chloride/dimethyl sulfoxide (LiCl/DMSO) following 4 h of planetary ball-milling. The solubility, extractable lignin yield, and crystal structure of the ball-milled soybean straw were greatly affected by the ball-milling pretreatment. The dissolved soybean straw could be regenerated by being poured into excess distilled water under rapid stirring. The total regenerated fraction yield decreased with the increase in the duration of ball-milling. Approximately 10% to 25% of the straw mass was lost in the dissolution-regeneration procedure. For comparison, ethylenediamine (EDA)-pretreated soybean straw was also completely dissolved in 8% LiCl/DMSO to form a homogeneous solution containing 1% straw after 24 h of continuous stirring. The dissolution-regeneration performance of soybean straw submitted to the EDA pretreatment was quite different due to the lack of vigorous ball-milling.
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