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Dai, Z., and Ni, Y. (2010). "Thermal stability of metal-pitch deposits from a spruce thermomechanical pulp by use of a differential scanning calorimeter," BioRes. 5(3), 1923-1935.


Pitch-related deposition has been a significant issue in paper mills that produce wood-containing paper grades. A component analysis showed that a mill deposit sample was a mixture of wood resin, fiber, metal cations, and other inorganics. Based on the differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) method, some critical parameters, including pH, metal cations, and their interactions, on the thermal stability of pitch-related deposits were studied. The valency of metal cations determined the ability of capturing pitch the formation of deposits. Trivalent Al3+ or Fe3+ ions had much stronger effects than divalent Ca2+, Mg2+, or Mn2+. It was also found that a higher pH and trivalent Al3+ or Fe3+ increased the thermal stability of deposits formed in colloidal pitch solutions.
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