NC State
Bozkurt, F., Avci, B., and Mengeloğlu, F. (2021). "Utilization of melamine impregnated paper waste as a filler in thermoplastic composites," BioResources 16(2), 3159-3170.


The potential utilization of melamine impregnated paper (MIP) waste in thermoplastic composites was investigated. Composites were also manufactured utilizing wood flour (WF) at the same filler rates for comparison. The composites were manufactured using a compression molding method. The effects of filler type and filler rate on the mechanical properties of low-density polyethylene (LDPE)-based composites were evaluated. Mechanical properties, such as tensile and flexural strengths, were determined in accordance with ASTM D638 (2001) and ASTM D790 (2003), respectively. Results showed that filler type and filler content had significant effects on all mechanical properties investigated. Both fillers improved all mechanical properties except for tensile strength and elongation at break of LDPE. In conclusion, MIP waste has a potential to be utilized in thermoplastic-based composite manufacturing and might generate some economic and environmental benefits.

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