NC State
Gong, C., Ni, J.-P., Fan, S.-J., Zhang, Y., Yang, B., Su, Z.-H., and Tian, C. (2021). "Value-added utilization of caustic soda lye from cold caustic extraction process in the pulp mill," BioResources 16(1), 1854-1862.


Three approaches were examined for the reutilization of cold caustic extraction (CCE) lye. The term CCE lye refers here to the used NaOH solution with relatively high alkali content, which could be wasted if not reused properly. The results showed that CCE lye can be effectively applied in deinking, alkaline hydrogen peroxide bleaching, and oxygen delignification processes. The CCE lye improved the physical strength of the dried sheet of pulp, as the tensile index increased by 17.9% to 40.5%, the tear index increased by 2.9% to 22.2%, and the burst index increased by 10.5% to 41.0%. The results demonstrated the feasibility of integrating the CCE process of dissolving pulp production with regular pulping and bleaching processes.

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