NC State
Yun, H., Tu, D., Li, K., Huang, J., and Ou, L. (2015). "Variation and correlation of heat-treated wood's crystalline structure and impact toughness," BioRes. 10(1), 1487-1494.


This study aimed to investigate the changes in the fiber characteristics, relative crystallinity, and impact toughness of heat-treated Eucalyptus urophylla × E. camaldulensis. Samples were treated in a superheated steam kiln at 160, 180, 200, and 220 °C for 3 h. The crystallinity, length-width ratio of fibers, and impact toughness of the heat-treated and untreated wood were determined. The cellulose crystalline regions experienced no obvious change. However, the length-width ratio and the relative crystallinity of the fibers increased as the temperature increased. Results indicated a clear inverse trend in the impact toughness and relative crystallinity. Finally, the results could provide a new method for non-destructive testing of wood.
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