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Sánchez, J. H., Fajardo, M. E., and Quintana, G. C. (2016). "Viscoelastic properties of pulp suspensions of bleached sugarcane bagasse: Effects of consistency and temperature," BioRes. 11(4), 8355-8363.


The viscoelasticity of pulp suspensions of bleached sugarcane bagasse was studied in a stress/shear rate-controlled rheometer using concentric cylinders geometry. Results for the elastic (G’) and viscous (G”) modulus, as well as complex viscosity (n*), are presented as a function of the suspension consistency (1.0 wt% ≤ Cm ≤ 6.0 wt%) and temperature (20, 40, and 60 °C). The results show an effect of the concentration and temperature on the viscoelastic moduli and cross-over point. A power law model was fitted to the experimental results for elastic modulus, It was found that the complex viscosity exhibited shear-thinning behavior for all the suspensions. Only the pulp concentration had an influence on this material function.

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