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Erakhrumen, A. A., and Ogunsanwo, O. Y. (2009). "Water absorption, anti-swell efficiency, and dimensional stability properties of neem seed-oil treated wild grown Bambusa vulgaris Schard. ex J. C. Wendl. in southwest Nigeria,"BioRes. 4(4), 1417-1429.


Bamboo culm is a hygroscopic lignocellulosic material. Hygroscopic properties may be disadvantageous in bamboo material if applied in certain applications and modes where and when extreme moisture variations are likely to occur. This study was aimed at evaluating the moisture absorption and resistance including dimensional stability properties of neem seed oil-treated split bamboo samples using two methods of treatment. Split bamboo samples from the same source were oven-dried at 103±2oC, conditioned to 11.76% mean moisture content, and treated by completely soaking them in oil at room temperature for 24 hours and by soaking in hot oil at 60oC for 4 hours, with untreated samples as control. Results showed that samples soaked in hot oil at 60oC for 4 hours had both the least percentage water absorption and higher anti-swell efficiency, followed by samples soaked in oil at room temperature for 24 hours. Shrinkage in the longitudinal, radial, and tangential directions also followed the same trend. Conclusions and recommendations were made in line with the outcome of the study.
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