NC State
Tovar, R. G., Fischer, W. J., Eckhart, R., and Bauer, W. (2015). "White water recirculation method as a means to evaluate the influence of fines on the properties of handsheets," BioRes. 10(4), 7242-7251


Fines are an important factor in the papermaking industry with respect to their influence on the mechanical properties of paper. A procedure offering the possibility to produce handsheets with a constant amount of fines, as well as the determination of the fines content, is of great importance in evaluating the influences of different types of fines. In this work, a method based on a white water circulation system and fiber morphology characterization using a flow cell was evaluated. Three different wires for handsheet forming were studied (120-mesh, 325-mesh, and 500-mesh), and the 325-mesh wire was chosen for further trials. Using the 325-mesh wire, a constant amount of fines was achieved after discarding seven handsheets. This method allows reliable evaluation of the effects of primary as well as secondary fines and a cellulosic additive on handsheet properties.
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