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Wang, C. G., Chen, M. L., Jiang, Z. H., Zhang, S. Y., Wu, H., Wang, X., Pei, Y. W., and Liu, C. Q. (2014). "Biodegradable paper sheeting as agricultural covering with incorporation of bamboo pulp sludge," BioRes. 9(3), 4128-4137.


Ts, and viscose fibers by wet-laid nonwoven technology. The best process conditions included a basis weight of 30 g/m2, a bamboo paper sludge content of 10 wt%, and a polyvinyl alcohol concentration of 4 wt%. The burst strength, tearing resistance, tensile properties, resistance to water, and degradation rate were 220.65 kPa, 60.00 N, 46.10 N, 153 Pa, and 56.18%, respectively, under the best process conditions. The biodegradable paper sheeting can satisfy the demand for replacement of agricultural plastic sheeting used for such purposes as moisture retention of soil and promotion of plant growth.
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