NC State
Wu, Q., Lei, Y., Lian, K., and Qi, Y. (2012). "Copper/carbon core shell nanoparticles as additive for natural fiber/wood plastic blends," BioRes. 7(3), 3213-3222.


Copper/carbon core/shell nanoparticles (CCCSNs) recently have been introduced as an industrial material. In this paper, composites based on high density polyethylene (HDPE), bamboo fiber, CCCSNs, and coupling agent (MAPE) were prepared by melt compounding. The influence of CCCSN content on the resulting composites’ mechanical, biological resistance, and thermal properties was investigated. It was found that CCCSNs within the carbon black matrix were processed well with bamboo fiber-plastic blends through mixing and injection molding. The materials enhanced composite strength and modulus-related properties. Composites with CCCSNs and natural fibers reduced heat capacity and thermal diffusivity. Composites with CCCSN materials also enhanced termite and mold performance. Thus, the material can be used as additive for plastics and other polymers to modify strength properties, biological resistance (e.g., mold and stain), and thermal conductivity properties.
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