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Novák, I., Sedliačik, J., Gajtanska, M., Schmidtová, J., Popelka, A., Bekhta, P., Krystofiak, T., Proszyk, S., and Žigo, O. (2016). "Effect of barrier plasma pre-treatment on polyester films and their adhesive properties on oak wood," BioRes. 11(3), 6335-6345.


A barrier plasma, created at atmospheric pressure, was used to improve the surface and adhesive properties of polyester (PES) film with respect to wood using polyurethane adhesives. The modification of PES film surfaces using barrier discharge plasma is attractive for various applications. Plasma pre-treatment initiates and participates in grafting, polymerization, or cross-linking reactions on the PES surface. This method of surface modification is clean, dry, ecological, and very efficient. The enhancement of the wettability of the polyester film was necessary for promoting higher adhesion to wood with water-based adhesives. The treatment of polyester films by barrier plasma led to a considerable increase in the surface free energy of the film and subsequently an increase in the peel strength of the adhesive joint of PES film-oak wood with polyurethane adhesive.

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