NC State
Mirbolouk, P., and Roohnia, M. (2015). "Evaluation of dynamic modulus of elasticity of medium density fiberboard panel from longitudinal vibration tests on specimens," BioRes. 10(1), 613-621.


It is preferred to perform conformity assessment of wood-based panels on the whole panel without cutting it down to smaller pieces. The modulus of elasticity, a mechanical property of wood, was determined by longitudinal vibration testing with the full-size panel, and the results were compared with results of tests of prismatic beams. The Brancheriau’s correction coefficient was used to compensate for errors from cross-sectional dimension variations and errors from Poisson’s ratio. Longitudinal excitation of the panels along the length was shown to be successful in evaluating the modulus of elasticity. However, strong correlations obtained from plate and beam comparisons along the width of the panels are promising.
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