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J.J.A. Rodal. Modelling the state of stress and strain in soft-nip calendering. In Fundamentals of Papermaking, Trans. of the IXth Fund. Res. Symp. Cambridge, 1989, (C.F. Baker & V. Punton, eds), pp 1055–1075, FRC, Manchester, 2018.


A brief review of pertinent works in the field of contact mechanics is made, with emphasis placed on works related to the calendering process, starting with Hertz, assumptions and ending with non-Hertzian effects, including thin-layer covered rolls, sliding, sticking, “micro-slip”, and friction effects.

Emphasis is placed on the effect that changing Poisson’s ratio has on the behavior of stress and strain in the nip and how this is related to soft-nip calendering parameters (the relative rotational velocities of soft-covered and mating rolls, for example).

High resolution color graphics of the state of strain in the nip zone are presented, as modelled by finite-element analysis of the contact problem in soft-nip calendering.

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