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Cristóvão, L., Ekevad, M., and Grönlund, A. (2012). "Natural frequencies of roll-tensioned circular sawblades: Effects of roller loads, number of grooves, and groove positions," BioRes. 7(2), 2209-2219.


Roll-tensioning effects on natural frequencies in circular sawblades for woodcutting were investigated. Adequate knowledge of these effects will enable a more precise and repeatable tuning of natural frequencies, which will ease manufacturing and maintenance of sawblades. With natural frequencies tuned to not create resonance under running conditions, longer running times and more accurate cutting are made easier. The aim of this study was to find the optimum, or most suitable, tensioning parameters for a series of tested circular sawblades and also to draw general conclusions. The effects of the magnitude of the roller load, number of grooves, and groove positions were tested. The magnitude of the roller load was measured by using a universal load cell. The roll-tensioning effects were evaluated by measuring the shift in natural frequencies of several vibration modes. Finite element analysis was performed to model natural frequencies. The magnitude of the roller load, number of grooves, and groove positions all affected the natural frequencies. Natural frequencies obtained with the finite element method were in good agreement with the experimental test results.
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