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Hýsek, Š., Wimmer, R., and Böhm, M. (2016). "Optimal processing of flax and hemp fibre nonwovens," BioRes. 11(4), 8522-8534.


Processing was studied for air-laid nonwovens from natural hemp and flax fibres using SPIKE® air-laying technology (Formfiber Denmark ApS Company). The process of web-formation and the properties of the fibre-webs before needle-punching and reinforced fibre-mats were evaluated. The settings of the air-laying machine were found to influence the web-formation process and nonwoven properties. In order to monitor web-formation processes and evaluate the fibre-web or fibre-mat quality, several machine settings were defined that enhanced the productivity of the machine or favoured fabrication of nonwovens with high density or great tensile properties.

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