NC State
Kaygin, B., Kaplan, D., and Aydemir, D. (2015). "Paulownia tree as an alternative raw material for pencil manufacturing," BioRes. 10(2), 3426-3433.


The Paulownia tree is one of the most important fast growing species in the World and is an ideal multipurpose tree. In this study, the potential use of Paulownia wood (Paulownia elongata) as a raw material for the pencil manufacturing industry is investigated. Currently, poplar, cedar, and juniper species are most commonly used in this industry. However, Paulownia wood is a fast growing species that can be used in the industry after 5 years on the plantation. Paulownia (Paulownia elongata), poplar (Populus tremula), and juniper (Juniperus excelsa) wood specimens were used in this study. The specimens were prepared according to related standards, and physical, mechanical, and technological properties were investigated. The data obtained from these measurements were compared statistically using ANOVA and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test. As a result, Paulownia wood exhibited favorable properties, suggesting that it would be a useful alternative raw material for the pencil manufacturing industry.
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